The ‘Suuuuure there’d be one’ V Wars Netflix trailer.

I’m always skeptical of the basic premise of shows like this one.

The great conceit of things like V WARS is that humanity starts at a great disadvantage in any sort of struggle against supernatural predators. I understand why: it’d be boring to watch a series where vampires were being ruthlessly burned out of their lairs by grim-faced soldiers*. Although you could make the vampires be the ones struggling against the inevitable, which would be interesting to watch. Maybe.

Or perhaps I’m just being mean-spirited. The plot doesn’t have to make sense for the show to work. Actors having fun can make all the difference.

Moe Lane

*The fundamental truth is that (based on Western folklore) vampires cannot operate during the day, while humans can function perfectly well at night. That series above also indicates that vampires are not immune to bullets. In other words: that’s all, folks. Humanity would wipe ’em out like we did the smilodons.

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  • Luke says:

    All valid points.
    But would you prefer another round of the “humans are the real monsters” dreck?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      :murmuring: But it’s so much FUN to see some of those people recoiling in horror at perfectly natural reactions. 😉

      • Luke says:

        The two reasons I would like to be President:
        Throwing out the first pitch of the season/World Series.
        Decapitating that daggum turkey directly in front of horrified reporters.

        • Rockphed says:

          The only reason I wouldn’t decapitate the turkey is because I don’t actually know how to clean the carcass afterward.

  • Jon says:

    I would watch a vampire-centric show in that manner, if it didn’t sugarcoat the violence inherent in its species. If it became Humans Bad Vampires Good I wouldn’t watch.

    • junior says:

      Ideally, such a show would have the majority of vampires as bad, but with a few that have managed to retain their better natures.

  • junior says:

    Am I the only one who saw “V Wars”, and wondered if it was another series about alien lizards dressed up like humans?

  • Compound says:

    I’m going to plug Robert McCammon’s book “They Thirst” here. It’s a book about vampires deciding to fang everyone in Los Angeles and then presumably the world. It’s also pre-White Wolf so this is presented as a bad thing. Also “4 million vampires are leaving Los Angeles along with the panicked humans. Try to stop them all” seems to be a better thought out plan than “Let’s create a vampire nation that will soon have a lot of artificial suns detonating over it.”

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