Patreon Microfiction: ‘Species Adaptation.’


I believe that ‘Species Adaptation’ will turn out to be true. The Galactic community will take one look at out species, and immediately show us where they store all the really cool guns. I think that I’m all right with this scenario, too. I mean, maybe some of them shoot plasma slugs, or something. That’d be neat.



  • Phil Smith says:

    Moe, that idea is a money-maker. Humans recruited as Mercs for “enlightened” species? You could even sell it to the woke crowd.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Christ help you if you get a single detail of a single firearm wrong, though. That’s what stopped me from writing that zombie-magical 1860s no-Civil-War because of all the damned vampires and demons novel; I don’t want to spend six months making sure that I got all the uniform buttons right. 😉

      • Phil Smith says:

        Roger that. But the aliens are providing the bang bang so if you write it first person there’s no reason for your hero to have the slightest idea how it works. “They modded their Shloopy to fit human hands, it works great. Just load it up with frozen [lessee, we already know turkeys are for arty, so … tater tots!] tater tots, point it at something with six legs, pull the trigger and watch the bugs fry!”

  • Rockphed says:

    I can think of 2 different series of books based off this idea. One has humans recruited by the losing side in an interstellar war between mind controllers and people who didn’t want to be mind-controlled. The other they were recruited by the peaceful races to fight against the war-like races.

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