The BLACK WIDOW teaser trailer.

Just dropped.

First impression: there is clearly a lot of stuff going in this that I’m missing because I didn’t grow up on Marvel. But I’m used to that. I’m also sure that the Easter eggs will all be explained to me by lunchtime.


  • JustDave says:

    It’s really surprising how Disney/Marvel has managed to make BW into one of their more interesting characters while also mostly keeping her in second tier status.


    They’re kind of in an interesting situation with this movie, though. They obviously want it to do well, but what happens if it’s so successful it basically demands a sequel?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Slap on a endscene where an older Nat and Steve are watching from a secure location to make sure that history turned out OK?

    • Jon says:

      ScarJo has pretty much stated this is her last, and I don’t see why not. A sequel with one of the other Red Room characters is pretty much a lock, though.

    • Luke says:

      Power level pretty much dictates that she remain second tier.
      Which isn’t a bad thing. It just means she isn’t capable of blasting an asteroid.
      Which stands in direct opposition to (pale imitation) Captain Marvel, she has cosmic power, but has never had a personality.
      Most second-tier characters will necessarily be more interesting than first-tier. They have limitations, flaws, drive, and there are all sorts of opponents who can pound them into paste. So right up front, you have the elements of an engaging story.
      Heck, even with first-tier characters, it’s their weaknesses that make them interesting. What is Spiderman without his guilt complex? Superman without his psych lims? Iron Man without self-destructive tendencies, a delusion he’s unable to love, and a compulsion to seek an honorable death? Batman without a vendetta, and without fear of becoming that which he hunts?

  • Aetius451AD says:

    After Endgame, I kind of wonder if all of them feel like they are trying to make the rubble bounce. What is there left to do?
    I do not envy the poor schlep they got to replace Feige in the puppetmaster chair.

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