The ‘All right, Ryan Reynolds. I get the point’ FREE GUY trailer.

Ryan Reynolds has seen a niche, and he has swiftly moved to ruthlessly claim it. I am all right with this; and for the most selfish of reasons, too. I’m always down to see a movie like FREE GUY:

I mean, that’s not so much aimed at my demographic as I’ve been outfitted with a homing beacon that this movie has locked onto. Hell, now I want to play the game that the movie is based on. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t exist. I wanna play it anyway.


  • JustDave says:

    > the game that the movie is based on


    Looks like GTA to me. I mean, different enough they don’t have to pay royalties to the rights owners, but…

  • Luke says:

    Just watched the trailer a bit beforecoming by.
    Yeah, I want to see it.
    In the theater even.

  • Jon says:

    The visor effects alone are like “They Live” meets “Ready Player One” with a side of EDITH. In a good way.

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