Marvel TV taken over by Marvel Studios.

It was… inevitable.

Marvel Television has a new home.

The TV arm of Marvel Entertainment is being folded into the Marvel Studios group. Current development — Hulu’s slate of animated comedies and live-action drama Helstrom — will remain on course. However, no further development will come from the unit overseen by Jeph Loeb. The exec, who launched Marvel into live-action scripted TV originals as head of Marvel Television, will remain on board during the transition. It is unclear when Loeb’s last day will be. His departure from Marvel has been expected since late October.

The writing, as it were, had been on the wall. Marvel TV simply never clicked the way that it should have. I dunno precisely why, although I suspect that the answer was more complicated than ‘Jeph Loeb couldn’t manage it.’ There was just something about the way that they were doing TV shows that just didn’t work properly.

But now that Disney has its own streaming service, maybe Marvel can turn it around. I particularly want a live-action Squirrel Girl show. I would watch that.

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  1. Hmm. What happened to the live action show that had Squirrel Girl in it? (Checks) Oh. Filmed in 2016-7 and still not out. Oh, that’s a great sign.

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