01/13/2020 Snippet, Frozen Dreams

I want to punch this up a bit more though, maybe. Give it more of that old staccato oomph.

“So are you going to go after Wolfie again?” I asked Elizabeth. She looked down at her mug of tea like she had stashed an answer there, then shook her head.

“He’s too powerful. I don’t know what he did to me, when I died. I don’t even know if first edition Elizabeth really know what he did. But, ha, Wolfie is strong. Too strong for me to beat him in a straight-up wizard’s duel.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You know, you shouldn’t have done that. At least, not in the middle of the city!”

Elizabeth looked contrite and defiant at the same time, like she agreed with me and wanted to do it again anyway. “I’m less than a week old. That count for anything?”

“Sure, but don’t go too many times to that well. So, he’s too powerful. You think you can take Wolfie down if somebody else takes the shine off him a little?” I wouldn’t mind it if somebody else did the heavy lifting for a change. And if anybody deserved last dibs on Wolfie, it’d be Elizabeth.

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