Baby Yoda coming to Build-A-Bear.

I bring this up (via Instapundit) not because some or all of you might or might not want a Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear.

Build-A-Bear is giving the people what they’ve been patiently waiting for — Baby Yoda stuffed animals.

Yes, build your very own version of The Child, you may.

The news was announced at an investment conference on Tuesday by Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John.

No, I bring this up because I am amazed that the Mouse did not have Baby Yoda merch pre-loaded and ready for expedited production the nanosecond everybody who watched THE MANDALORIAN gasped and said “AWWWWWWWW.” I mean, it’s Disney. Market saturation of Teh Cuteness is their business model. Who was the executive who missed the potential of Baby Yoda, and what did they do to the poor bastard afterward?

Moe Lane

PS: Truly, it is a mystery to me.

PPS: If Build-A-Bear does not have a Mandolorian outfit for Baby Yoda available from the start then they are damned fools. I have spoken.


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    As I understand, this was a deliberate decision as they didn’t want the *existence* of Baby Yoda inevitably leaked via the normal commercial channels required by manufacturing and distribution lead times. Much has been let out early in lots of IP because of toys.
    It’s rumored they’ve foregone *$Millions*, but I think this was the right call.

    • ChrisValentine says:

      This is the official story, and it passes the smell test. There have been loads of plot points leaked in the past through toy companies.

  • ChrisValentine says:

    Given the other decisions they’ve made with this franchise, its not surprising to me (though I do totally accept the concern about leaks). They’ve absolutely decimated their merchandise revenue, one of the key values of Star Wars as an asset.

    On the other hand, the mere existence of Baby Yoda shows that some adults that actually know how to tell a story and make it one people want to watch AND one that can be merchandised… *all at the same time* might just be back in charge.

    Fracking Rose Tico. Who the hell thought that figure would sell. “I know, we’ll take an otherwise beautiful woman, put her in carhartt overalls, and have her act like a racist stereotype that doesn’t belong in these movies. Kids will definitely want to play with her!”

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Ironically, if they had yanked the entire Rose/hacker/casino story from the movie and turned it into a Disney+ eight episode series everybody involved would have ended up being happier.

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