Disney looking at Taika Waititi for Star Wars project.

Buried lede: Taika Waititi has a busy schedule for the next few years.

If the Thor: Ragnarok director were to take on the job it would have to be made sometime after he completes post production on his soccer comedy Next Goal Wins and also finishes 2021’s Thor: Love and Thunder for Marvel Studios. He also has a Time Bandits TV series for Apple TV+ in active development, and is attached to the live-action Akira for Warner Bros. and an animated Flash Gordon film for 20th Century Fox.

That is quite the Geek’s Dream To-Do List, isn’t it? The TIME BANDITS one in particular sounds — well, it sounds remarkably fraught, actually. TIME BANDITS was one of those films that seemed destined for cult movie status, only the critics loved it and it was profitable in theaters. It’s so much easier to get a TV series based off of it wrong than it would be to get it right: I hope Waititi is up to the challenge of directing it. He could, but whether he will remains to be seen.

Moe Lane

PS: What? Oh, yes, a new Star Wars property. Should be fun. I liked his episode of THE MANDALORIAN very much; it was a grand old time all around.

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  1. Actually the idea of a Time Bandits TV series is… actually not awful. I mean, the movie was basically a bunch of loosely connected vignettes with a vague semblance of an overarching plot. That could very easily be converted into a series format.


    My only real question is whether Terry Gilliam and/or Michael Palin are attached, or if it could possibly work without them.

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