01/17/2020 Snippet, Frozen Dreams.

I liked this guy. I hope I don’t kill him!

I looked over the extras that Lucas had put together. Kermie liked them either big or little for his crew; and since we weren’t going to be wriggling through many narrow spaces Lucas had opted for guys who opened locked doors by punching them down. I did recognize one, though. It was my brawling friend from a few nights ago.

“Hey, Jimmy!” I said, with a big smile on the face and my hand outstretched. My right hand, just in case he was still a little mad. Barbies get a bad rap in Cin City sometimes but kens can be a little, you know, moody.

But Jimmy wasn’t sore; we engaged in a manly handshake that didn’t break any of my fingers, and everything. “I hear this is about Shauni, yeah?” he said? I’m surprised he didn’t rumble; the other kens in the raiding party were tight-faced and unhappy, and even though none of it was aimed in my direction I — actually, I didn’t mind. I wasn’t happy about what happened to Shauni, either.

“Yeah,” I said. “She a friend of yours?” It could be. He was a decent looking guy.

That got a laugh from Jimmy. “Ha! Naw, she much too, ah, high-up for me. Her family is from, ah, you would call it the ‘Veranos’ tribe. Big mojo. Real big mojo. Maybe if I was a chief.”