The SPENSER: CONFIDENTIAL Netflix trailer.

GeekTyrant is dubious, I am possibly not as much.

It may be because I grew up watching Spenser: For Hire, for given values of ‘growing up:’ it was on when I was a teenager. Avery Brooks and Robert Urich were both really good in it, and I can see Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke making a decent stab at the roles. Only question is: who was looking for a revival of Spenser? Or even Hawk?

I know, I know: stupid question. But still. Then again, the fact that it’s going to Netflix suggests that the answer is A cost-effective sub-demographic, of course.


  • bensdad00 says:

    Reminder to self, still need to read some Spencer books.

    • jeboyle says:

      They’re pretty good. I recommend you read them in publication order, but you don’t really need to if you saw the TV show.

      That said, I was hoping for a Travis McGee movie or mini-series. I’ll take what I can get, if it is a decent attempt.

      • bensdad00 says:

        I tore through McGee and have slowly been digging up the rest of MacDonald’s canon – so far as I’ve found he never wrote anything that wasn’t entertaining.

  • acat says:

    Urich’s second foray as a detective, IIRC ..
    (and I’m not ashamed to say the ‘drive in living room’ is, in its’ way, the best example of the ‘cool and impractical’ late-’70s era…)
    p.s. why yes, I absolutely *would* park a Tesla in my living room, if I could get it up the front stairs .. wouldn’t you?

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