01/22/2020 Snippet, FROZEN DREAMS.

Kind of amused at the different types of professional assumptions I can play with when it comes to these characters.

“There’s got to be something here,” I said. “Even if it was just that thing the Hood wanted. Anybody see it?”

“What did it look like?” asked Elizabeth.

“Some kind of weird octopus-crab statue with wings,” I said. “Made out of stone, I guess. I figure it’s some kind of artifact linked to the ambassador. Also, that the Hood will try to kill us as soon as we hand it over to him.”

“I’ve never really gotten why we’re going to hand it over to him,, then,” said Lucas.

“I told you,” I said. “I figure that he wants to use it against Wolfie, and that’s fine. You can’t expect a Red Hood to not try to kill you when he no longer needs you. It’s baked into the damned cake with those guys. I’m not even gonna get mad about it.”

“Well, sure, you can’t get mad at people just for them trying to kill you,” mused Lucas as he started looking for secret drawers or whatever. “It’s the job, these things happen, and… bingo!”

He looked at me and Elizabeth, and noted our lack of reaction. “Sorry,” Lucas said. “That means ‘I found something.’”