Tencent looking to acquire Funcom.

Some details here: basically, Tencent is offering to buy out Funcom stockholders at a decent price above current closing. For those following at home, Tencent is the Chinese tech megacorp with a dubious history involving software piracy that isn’t being specifically targeted as a notorious national security risk by the US government. But I suspect that I’m being rude by pointing out that particular distinction.

So, what does that mean for The¬†Secret¬†World MMO? …Probably nothing, dammit. Unless they decide that they need to bring back the Chinese PvP map again. That’d be nice.


  • junior says:

    Piracy isn’t what I hear complaints about. Instead, it’s the company’s lack of customer privacy protections. And that they own Riot (League of Legends) and a 40 percent stake in Epic, which has gotten too aggressive in recruiting games for its on-line sales portal.

    A Funcom purchase is a bit of a surprise. I like their games, generally. But the company’s made no secret of the fact that its games don’t do as well as one would hope.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    Is this the same Tencent studio that has invested heavily in Hollywood to the point of censoring any content that offends “Chinese[Commie bastard edition] sensibilities”?

    • Free Range Oyster says:

      The same, yes. I haven’t heard anything about espionage from them, but as you say, they certainly seem to qualify as an agent of influence.

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