The TREAD (Killdozer) Netflix Documentary trailer.

You folks remember this, right? It only just happened in 2004, which was… sixteen years ago. Yeah, OK, that was a while back, sure. But it’s still odd that this story found in TREAD faded from our consciousness.

I mean, it’s not every day that a guy snaps, retrofits a bulldozer to be immune to small arms fire, and then goes and knocks down the building of every person who he thinks did him wrong. Maybe it drifted from our collective remembrance because the scenario above sounds hysterical when it’s a regular movie, but a tragedy waiting to happen when it’s a documentary. Some stuff is better left on the screen, hey?

Still, I may watch this. Haven’t decided, yet.

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  • acat says:

    …. it didn’t exactly fade … but it’s not the sort of thing I spend a lot of time talking about.
    After all, there’s a fine line between being someone who knows the killdozer story and someone who *might just do it*.

  • Luke says:

    There isn’t much power to be gained by fanning hysteria that some random acquaintance is going to buy a piece of heavy machinery costing many tens of thousands of dollars, spend a year welding armor plates to it, and then crush your house over some petty or imagined slight.

    • bensdad00 says:

      Devil’s advocate says – having one’s complaints dismissed as ‘petty’ or ‘imaginary’ is step 3 on the rampage-killer creation checklist.

      • Luke says:

        10: Do you own a bulldozer?
        20: Do you have a welder?
        30: Do you live within 3 miles of me? 40:If N>0, then
        50: Caring quotient=0

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