My mini-review of THE GENTLEMEN.

Short version: indulgent, but not self-indulgent. Or if it is self-indulgent, it’s also indulgent of me and so I’ll allow it.

Slightly longer version: THE GENTLEMEN was fun, I liked it, I wish I had watched it at an Alamo Drafthouse while tossing down a couple of beers. It was that kind of movie. It will NOT reward anyone looking for deeper meaning, or indeed any sort of meaning at all; Guy Ritchie has made the cinematic equivalent of a spun-sugar sculpture. The plot won’t survive scrutiny, or even being breathed on too hard, but it’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to last long enough for you to get to your car before you start asking questions, and that’s all right. Really, that’s all right. They don’t all have to be ARRIVAL.

Also: Ritchie’s music choices continue to be top-notch.