02/10/2020 Snippet, ANSTEORRA RANGERS.

Needed to throw a man and a horse off of a cliff. You know how it is.


There was a trick to getting away from a mudnado. First, you had to be crazy. Mike figured he had that one down, already. He had joined up with the Rangers, hadn’t he? Why, if he had listened to his dad Mike’d be right now running herd over the finest cattle to be found north of Sancte Antoni.

But since he was already crazy, Mike figured he should get down to being good. The big advantage he had was that mudnadoes apparently couldn’t steer worth a damn and weren’t real smart, either. It could move a fair clip, which nearly got Mike killed right away at the start of the chase, but it got, ha!, winded fast.

And the mudnado kept trying to lunge at the wagon when it wasn’t quite able to reach. Oh, sure, the wagon end lifted up a few times, only to come back down in a jarring slam, but as long as the wheels held out Mike would be fine. Or the horse held out. Or, hell, Mike’s kidneys from all the bouncing around.

Right, he wasn’t actually fine. But Mike had a plan. That was the third thing you needed: a plan. A crazy plan that would only work if you were good. And as soon as he found a convenient cliff edge to drive the wagon off of, he’d put that plan in motion.

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