20th Century Disney to remake AND THEN THERE WERE NONE.

Cool. But: a “fresh take?”

Seberg screenwriters and husband-and-wife writing partners Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel have been set by 20th Century Studios to adapt the Agatha Christie classic And Then There Were None. Disney will keep the film in its pre-World War II period in which Christie wrote the novel, but with a fresh take.

I mean, I’m not objecting to them making the movie again. The last time they put And Then There Were None was 30 years ago, which is long enough to reset the clock, as it were. No, really: actors and actresses do in fact like doing some classic parts, and audiences also do like whodunit movies.

…I just want to know what they mean by ‘fresh take.’ That sometimes doesn’t, ah, end well.

One thought on “20th Century Disney to remake AND THEN THERE WERE NONE.”

  1. A quick glance at Waterhouse and Shrapnel’s IMDB page(s) (they’re really the same) indicates that this is probably going to suck.

    A movie about Jesse Owens gets 7 stars. Jesse Owens. I could write a screenplay about Owens that would get 7 stars and I am not a writer. Typical reviews are along the lines of *the acting was great, but they didn’t have much to work with and the writers don’t have a great handle on the historical facts.*

    Seberg (mentioned above) gets a whopping 4.8 stars. Again, the lead actress gets good reviews but the story doesn’t.

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