The “Gonna hear about this a lot” BEFOREIGNERS HBO trailer.

I belong to the SCA; of course I’m going to hear about this.

BEFOREIGNERS is this Norwegian series where the modern era starts getting Vikings and Stone Age people and apparently 19th century folks with horse-drawn carts showing up. And one of the Viking women is now a cop? And there’s a murder mystery going on? …Okay, guys. Just run with it and we’ll see if it flies.

Moe Lane

PS: You never know. It could be awesome. Or it could suck.


  • jetty says:

    HBO has decided to challenge Netflix. I love free market economics.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    Eh. From that trailer I expect the same as we got from CarnivalRow: A glorious opportunity for a Science-fantasy noir mashup, smothered by the usual suspects’ virtue-signaling.

    • acat says:

      ’tis a very nice *idea* .. but yeah, the trouble is there aren’t enough artists who can manage to
      Oh, yeah, the “before time” shock collar. It’s probably gonna suck for reasons.

    • Phil Smith says:

      I’m gonna give it a chance; “I’m proud to announce our first employee with a multi-temporal background” seems pretty tongue-in-cheek to me, not sincere.

  • Luke says:

    I would really like this to be good.
    Doing it well would require flouting Hollywood shibboleths for most of the run-time.
    It won’t be done well.

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