02/23/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS. [Goram thing’s ready for the copy-editors.]

UPDATE: As I said in comments: the beta readers were awesome. But revising SUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKS.

The [expletive deleted] thing has been gone through, revised in light of beta reader suggestions, and is [expletive deleted] done. Well, at least until it goes to my wife again for another read-through, and at some point a copy-editor will need to see it. But it’s DONE, do you hear me? If I absolutely had to, I would publish it today and only groan a little.

Now I just need the money to pay for the copy-editor and the ISBN numbers. Which means that it’s time to start finishing up the prep for the Kickstarter. Yay! …Actually, yeah, kind of ‘yay’ at that.



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