Happy Pokemon Day!

…Don’t look at me like that: I have a kid, remember? Pokemon Go! is how we get him to go outside, walk around, and get some fresh air. Plus, it’s a fun game in its own right*.

So. Happy Pokemon Day!

Moe Lane

*And, admittedly, it’s how they get me to go outside, walk around, and get some fresh air. It’s all right. I can admit to needing motivation, even if it does require me to have a stable of slave fighters for combat tournaments…


  • Towering Barbarian says:

    Moe, you’re talking to an otaku with an addiction to Spice and Wolf, Goblin Slayer light novels and Izetta anime and that’s in addition to my spending at least an hour a day playing AMVs. So as far as I’m concerned I’ll just go ahead and return your good wishes for a happy Pokemon Day. ^_~

  • Luke says:

    I chastise you most severely.
    For not explaining what the heck you’re talking about.

  • junior says:

    The Harry Potter game, Wizards Unite, is fun as well. Unfortunately,while elements of it are better than P Go, imo, it’s also hampered by other mechanics that are overly complicated.

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