03/21/2020 Snippet, THE WOLF-MAN OF WESTHAVEN.

Rut roh, Maddie!


They tried knocking.

Anton went first; his mace was still at his belt, but he had his shield on his right arm. That saved him from going flippers over fin as the double doors slammed open, but even a Deep One will bounce away when he gets hit with five hundred pounds of wolf-man all at once. Even when the shield takes most of the force.

There were two faint crackles as Maddie and Susan gestured their respective arcane and holy shields into life: the twin glows illuminated their target. He was a chimera half-wolf, half-man blend, about six feet tall, and covered with fur that clearly hadn’t been properly washed in a week, if ever. The face looked humanoid enough to allow speech, and the wolf-man had clawed hands instead of paws, but the only other sign of sapience was the ripped and tattered shorts he still wore.

That, and the eyes. The eyes assessed the situation quickly, and the great claws reached out towards Anton — and then the wolf-man shuddered, changed direction, and jerkily ripped a sagging locker off of the wall to throw at the party. Susan and Maddie didn’t duck, but Jack and Jill both scattered as Anton stood, just in time to take the thrown locker right on his shield. It didn’t knock him down, but it did stagger him back a step.

The wolf-man screamed “GO AWAY!,” then half-ran, half-loped for it down the corridor to another set of doors. As he ran, Maddie tossed out another spell; a stream of whining, fractal wires of force sprayed from her fingertips, straight at the wolf-man’s back. But when they hit, they dissipated in a tooth-rattling burst of energy. As the beast-man burst through the doors, his back glowed silver and green, in a chessboard pattern. And then he was gone.

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