Ryan Reynolds to star in/produce DRAGON’S LAIR.

Normally I’d make a wiseacre crack about how this means Ryan Reynolds plans to keep dying onscreen for a hour and a half, only that’s probably exactly what Reynolds plans to do. I also wonder if he plans to recreate that delightful feeling when you finally realize that you’ve just spent multiple bucks to demonstrate that you can’t make it past the [expletive deleted] first screen. That’s what I really, REALLY remember when the subject of the Dragon’s Lair video game experience comes up.

But I’m not bitter!

Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star in and produce a live-action feature adaptation of the ’80s arcade game “Dragon’s Lair” for Netflix.


Dan and Kevin Hageman, whose credits include “The Lego Movie” and “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” are attached to write the script. “Dragon’s Lair” put players in the shoes of Dirk the Daring as he attempted to rescue Princess Daphne from the dragon Singe and the wizard Mordroc.

Via Coming Soon.


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