Embrace the madness that is PONIES OF TINDALOS.

The highly unofficial* crossover between Call of Cthulhu and My Little Ponies is apparently real, and it’s going to be spectacular:

So what’s next for “The Ponies of Tindalos”? April Fools is over all around the world, so we can write more without risk of it being taken for a joke.

First – it wasn’t a joke! We announced this supplement yesterday because of its crazy mood, but we will release it.

Basically: friendship is sorcery, but you’re a non-Euclidean monster, so if the humans that you’re trying to help see you, things get squamous in a hurry. As I said on Facebook, this would make for a hysterical convention game. Four hours of sheer egging-each-other-on madness. I will get this, and I will run THE PONIES OF TINDALOS at some point. This, I swear.

Moe Lane

*There’s no way that they could get the official rights to this for less than their firstborn’s souls. Fortunately, the MLP-specific bits are mostly flavor that can be provided by the individual GM and players.


  • jeboyle says:

    As someone who is an uncle/grand uncle of eight girls and a fan of HPL for more than half a century, this is either an example of sheer genius or a sign of the End Times.

    Possibly both.

  • Luke says:

    IƤ feel obligated to note that this is a horrible idea.
    (Deal me in.)

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Yeah, I was really unhappy that they had come up with this because I did think it was an April Fool’s Day gag. Which it was — with a twist!

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