04/03/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

I spent the morning playing with spreadsheets and making suggested revisions to Chapter 1 to FROZEN DREAMS. The spreadsheets were mostly to make sure that I’m being reasonable in my stretch goals. I… seem to be? Where I’m getting hung up is that I don’t know how to budget for the city map that I’m likely going to need commissioning; I’ve been asking around about prices, but I get a lot of shrugs and ‘it depends.’ This industry needs some industry standards, tanjit.

In contrast, the revisions are straightforward: my copy-editor sent over suggested changes, I looked at them and pretty much said Yeah, and then I went and implemented them. Nice and simple and it didn’t take me long to do. I like this system.


  • Gnarledhotep says:

    How specific was your request?

    By that, I mean, do you have a sketch for them to use as a guideline? Did you specify color or black&white? Line art? Tolkienesque hand-drawn style / Microsoft Paint style?

    I’m a software engineer, but the underlying concept applies: the less specific the request, the less specific the time estimate.

    (Trying to provide constructive feedback – may not be succeeding. Things have been a bit weird lately, and not in the eldritch-and-squamous way, really)

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I need black and white, not very detailed (my wife suggested at the level of Disneyland, which would be funny). But everybody’s really blipping coy about the price range. I guess that’s good for the people who want the Erebor Map for five bucks, but I need to know what FMV is before I try to buy something.

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