04/03/2020 Snippet, A BARGAIN WITH YIG.

Gotta get this done, then finish the novella, then start on the rest of the stories but the Kickstarter stretch goal rewards will be done so the pressure’s off… busy, busy, busy, I am.


Mark was quiet for a moment. “How bad is it, up there? I hear the whispered horrors when I’m in the dark, but none of them know the whole tale.”

“It’s very bad,” said Yig. “The Dominion isn’t conquering all of Deseret. But it did take a third, and made the second third lawless. Something about bands of desert raiders and slavers appeals to the bastards. Or maybe they just like to watch your countrymen scramble to keep everything they’ve built and sweated over from being wiped out.”

“I should be up there.”

“And doing what, besides dying? Oh, you’re doing better with the fighting, now that somebody’s making you practice every day. But if you want to rule your people again, you should know more about them. That starts with actually reading the holy books for the religion that you’re the high priest-king of.”

Mark grimaced. “But do they want me to rule them?” he asked. “The dynasty didn’t end well.”

Yig sighed. “There’s a book in here somewhere — where is it? Oh, thank you,” he said to one of the Children, who had brought an Old American tome up. That was one of the things about the Children of Yig, Mark had noticed: they still weren’t exactly smart, but they were really very good at being helpful.

Yig peered over the book, somehow giving the impression of wearing spectacles despite the fact that he was a collection of snakes in a robe, and started to read. “The dwarf says — You should understand that these two aren’t exactly a dwarf and elf talking,” explained Yig. “It’s very, very complicated. Anyway, the dwarf says It is ever so with the things that Men begin. There is a frost in Spring, or a blight in Summer, and they fail of their promise. And then the elf replies Yet seldom do they fail of their seed. And that will lie in the dust and rot to spring up again in times and places unlooked-for.” Yig looked over at Mark. “You’re down here in the dirt for a reason, Mark. And it’s not for any reason of mine, although I’m happy to host you. I don’t think that your god is quite done with your dynasty yet.”

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