04/08/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

It was a good day on the Kickstarter, to start the second week. And the map’s done and paid for, which is nice. And, best of all: I got chapters of edits back! …And they were all sensible ones, dammit. If you want to learn a seemly humility, hand your work over to an editor. The experience is most instructive.

Aside from that, I’m plugging along with the short stories, when I wasn’t being distracted by what I can only describe as The Shedite* That Got In Over Its Host’s Head. I feel real bad for the Shedite, in fact. It wasn’t even trying to start anything. God knows where I can sell the story, though.

Moe Lane

*In Nomine demon. The Monster In Your Head.

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