Drift Compatible podcast mentions my Kickstarter.

My buddy Brent Cochran does a podcast (Drift Compatible), and he was kind enough to plug the FROZEN DREAMS Kickstarter at the end. Brent’s a good guy and although I don’t do podcasts* this one sounds like those of my readers who do like podcasts might like this one. IYKWIM. :significant look:

Moe Lane

PS: Wear the headphones.

*I dunno why I don’t ‘do’ podcasts. I just don’t.

6 thoughts on “Drift Compatible podcast mentions my Kickstarter.”

  1. I’ve been flogging it in the HQ book thread. Don’t know how much engagement that got, but hey, nothing ventured etc.

      1. Yeah, but the question is: do they remember me fondly? I am given to understand that there were… faction fights, after I left The Life. My old Twitter account reads like a low-grade civil war, sometimes.

        1. *Sigh* there is that. At least you’ve had the good sense to not insult the intelligence, or the person for that mater, of your prospective audience. That’s more than I can say for most of those involved on any “side”.

        2. Of course.
          There’s a large difference between disagreement and distain, and I don’t believe you ever leapt that chasm.
          Further, you were honest about where you stood.
          😉 You may be a “weak sister”, but most people are still fond of their sisters.
          I keep meaning to listen to some podcasts in particular.
          But listening to something, is something I do when I’m doing something else on autopilot. (Shrug) I haven’t had much ability to do that on any sort of consistent basis, and when I have such a moment, I generally don’t know how long it’s going to last.

        3. Honestly, you probably did the best thing for someone who didn’t like Trump but didn’t want to alienate friends who fell on either side. It’s been unfortunately illuminating to see deep-end dives into insanity both ways.
          It’s been quite illuminating the last few years.

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