Warner Bros, Disney planning on July theatrical releases.

Not unexpected. Well, at least I’m not surprised. Geektyrant:

Warner Bros. has made it clear that they are sticking to their guns with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, and they still plan on releasing it in theaters in July. Disney is planning to release Mulan later that month as well. These will be the first big movies to be released since theaters shut down over the coronavirus, and the movies are both expected to have a low box office opening.

The subtext of this, by the way, is that if Universal was hoping to get support from the other studios about closing the theatrical release window, well, that hope is probably ill-advised. If you read between the lines here, it feels like Warner Bros. and Disney have made a deal with the theaters. I don’t know what the deal actually is, but I’d guess that both sides are getting concessions here.

Yeah, I know. Real helpful. On the bright side: TENET! In theaters! Huzzah!

One thought on “Warner Bros, Disney planning on July theatrical releases.”

  1. At the risk of being .. obnoxious ..
    Follow the money.
    The studios pay for most advertising that drives bodies into theaters. IF the studios think they can get similar (or sufficient) ROI via the home channel .. then why do they need the (empty) theaters anyway?
    I suggest it’s time for the multiplex to die, and for the theater to make a resurgence.

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