The Oh My F*CKING GOD Champions 4e Bundles of Holding.

This is insane. This is the Champions TTRPG of my – well, college years. Third Edition was the Champions of my actual ‘youth.’ I dunno if these Bundles of Holding have them all, but between the Champions 4E Essentials and the Champions 4E Universe they comes damned close. My fingers are twitching.

Moe Lane

PS: I do not need to sign up for Champions Online. I do not need to sign up for Champions Online. I do not need to sign up for Champions Online…

3 thoughts on “The Oh My F*CKING GOD Champions 4e Bundles of Holding.”

  1. I think its all of them? They say in the blog that between the two it’s all the 4th edition things released. At the time, Hero did a few PDF releases that you bought directly from Hero and then printed on the office color printer (cough) and all of those I can remember are in there, but some part of my memory is whispering that there was another 3rd party maker other than Gold Rush. I did note that Kazei 5, one of the other PDF titles, is not in the bundle, but that’s likely because High Rock has it.
    And I still have my lifetime sub for CO. I have not used it nearly as much as I should have.

  2. How many mods can I stack before the GM gives me “the look”?
    (-40 if VPP.)
    I mostly liked the system.
    I mostly disliked the people who exclusively played the system. (Epic levels of “missing the point” have I seen. Along with Crime and Punishment levels of rationalizion.)
    7 of 10, would play again.
    (After establishing the GM isn’t one of those “vs. player” types who realize that a description like “machine gun” can be used for three different effects, which all have different active defenses. Good luck. He’ll let you know if you guessed right. Probably with a vendetta.)

  3. I’ve thrown some money Cryptic’s way for Star Trek Online. I just hope Champions Online is maintained better than that. The old character models in STO are very jarring “uncanny valley”, for all the ground missions. (Space combat is its strength, but that also has its limits.)
    I’m kind of tempted to give it a shot. I don’t remember which Champions edition I played, but it was darn fun.

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