The Mouse Rolls the Bones: NEW MUTANTS gets August release date.

Whaddya know? Disney’s going for it: “Walt Disney Studios has revealed that The New Mutants has once again received a new release date, this time set for August 28, 2020. The movie is set to open against Lionsgate’s The Courier, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel Brosnahan.”

Interestingly, THE COURIER doesn’t sound half bad, either: “The film, formerly titled “Ironbark,” is based on the true story of an unassuming British businessman, Greville Wynne, who is recruited at the behest of the U.K.’s MI-6 and a CIA operative (Rachel Brosnahan) to form a covert partnership with a Soviet officer to provide crucial intelligence needed to prevent a nuclear confrontation and defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis.” I’ll probably wait to see that one until it hits DVD, but it looks interesting, at least.