05/18/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS Kickstarter.

The last of the short stories for the sampler has gotten its pass-through: next, I will hand them off to my alpha reader and have her tell me what’s wrong with them. I will probably have to proof-read them myself, though, and won’t that be fun? But that’s OK. This is good practice. So is putting them together in e-book form. I learn with this so that the book itself goes smoothly.

Also: the pre-order store is up. By all means, encourage people to check it out. I need to consult with Backerkit about exactly what goes on with locking orders, particularly when it involves digital rewards, and whether I can still do pre-orders there once I’ve locked down. Hrm. I may not make the Dragon Award deadline this year after all. Ach, well, it’ll be eligible for next year’s, then.

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