05/19/2020 Snippet, MARIE AND THE CONTINENT.

Oh, Marie. What have you done?


Do you really wish to hear about them, Dear Reader? Very well.

The first one was Simon Gottfried. He was a retired commercial traveler; he had a slight stoop and had lost of his hair, but was still hale enough to get back from the local Wirtshaus with only a small amount of staggering. Up close his breath smelled sloppily of elderly beer, but then I was not planning to kiss him.

I think he might have thought otherwise, though. I had mesmerized the man while he was still fumbling with the keys to his rather nice house, and I fear that I let him come to the drunken conclusion that I was some sort of harlot. I suppose that it was not the first time he had resorted to such things.

But it was undoubtedly the last. After he dazedly invited me in – was that mere courtesy on his part? Or do I need to be invited into someone’s home before I can enter? I know, but I decline to tell – it was child’s play to lead him to his bath. And, once he was stripped and running a bath it was even easier to send Gottfried into a coma, and then sink my fangs fatally into his neck.