Gen Con canceled.

…I was surprised that they hadn’t canceled it already, to be honest. The SCA pulled the release lever on Pennsic a month ago, and that’s held around the same time as Gen Con. Regardless of your opinion about how dangerous the coronavirus is, 70K people in one place during a pandemic seems… contraindicated. Particularly since a high percentage of the attendees will be no-fooling severe health risks.

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  • Free Range Oyster says:

    Obesity and asthma as comorbidities are major risk factors for severe symptoms, while rigorous hygiene and respecting personal space are the major recommended preventatives. …Individuals will vary, but these are not common strengths of our tribe. We’re not all walking stereotypes, but the number of those I’ve seen over the years is astonishing. Jamming a bunch of us in close proximity seems like a terrible idea at the moment, regardless of which illness is prevalent.

  • Phil Smith says:

    Comorbidities be damned – 70k in one place is about 69,950 too many. It’s a virtual certainty that at least a few people would have it. I’m not overly concerned about catching covid but I wouldn’t go to that.

    Still, it’s a shame.

  • junior says:

    The delay in cancelling makes sense. If Gen Con cancels, then it has to offer full refunds. If a vendor cancels before Gen Con does, then that’s not the case for that specific vendor.

  • Aruges says:

    Went to one GenCon when it was in Milwaukee. Never felt the need to go back. Glad people have fun there though.

  • Finrod says:

    Yeah, just a few days ago they canceled my local pinball convention, SFGE, which had been scheduled for July. Haven’t heard anything one way or another about DragonCon (Labor Day weekend), yet, but I can’t imagine it’ll be held like normal this year.

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