I completely forgot that it’s Memorial Day Weekend.

Although, for that matter: it’s not like many of us are going anywhere. Certainly the family reunion I’d be going normally is canceled. Heck, I was surprised that they moved distance learning on Memorial Day itself to next Friday. “National holiday” is a very surreal concept right now.

But have a good weekend anyway, folks.

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  • acat says:

    So far so good … nice and quiet, just the way I like it .. and someone (I forget who to credit) pointed me at the “Harry Bosch” books, so I’m working my way through those and the “Harry Dresden” books .. interspersing ’em gives some interesting perspective shifts.
    One “Frozen Dreams” thing .. if possible, would you mind including the “How to find your Amazon devices’ email address” instructions? I use that option, pretty regularly, with Baen e-books because it’s much faster than “sneaker net”.
    A good weekend to you and yours.

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