The PERRY MASON TV trailer.

I was going to tsk-tsk about this new Perry Mason not being faithful to the books…

…only, I’ve never actually read them. And when I looked them up I discovered that apparently not paying too much attention to the books was a fine old tradition of the last TV series (which I also have not watched); a tradition that Eric Stanley Gardner reciprocated by not giving a damn about the TV show when writing his books. So you really can’t ding it for that.


So, what’s the point? The point is that it’s damned quiet on the movie/video game front right now. There’s just not that much that’s interesting. And I can only bang a pot with a spoon and yell COMPLETE YOUR SURVEYS so many times a day.


  • Luke says:

    So with all of the currently active dumpster fires in the world of video games, you couldn’t find a topic?
    I don’t blame you, of course.
    There are times when there are no words to adequately capture the depths of stupidity. You can really only marvel at Sony’s dedication to destroying an IP and sowing the ground with salt.
    Bungie is being evil again, but at some point during the last 8ish years you either accepted that, or told them to get $_&-ed. (OK, I might have been a bit more vehement than that.) So what can you possibly say?
    Some more companies profiting off of HPL’s work are trashing him? So brave. So original.
    Bethesda wrecking a popular game with a copy protection patch over a month after launch?

    • Luke says:

      It isn’t all bad, though.
      Apex Legends has a surprisingly good story going on.
      Arkane is celebrating their 20th anniversary by giving away a free copy of Arx Fatalis if you sign up for their newsletter. (And they’re teasing the game they’re evidently going to release this fall. It’s not quite clear whether the underlying premise is a Groundhog Day loop, or Matrix simulation iterations. Either way, it looks interesting.)

  • Aetius451AD says:

    This does look really interesting. The set design for the 30’s looks interesting.
    However, I am not sure a racially laden plot is something I want to see at the moment – completely setting aside the evil (most likely) Evangelical Church.
    One of the things that kept me watching the trailer though was the reaction to the body of the child by Mason. It sparked a memory of a real crime story I read about a few months ago from the late 20s of a kidnapping going very, very wrong. It is a horrifying bit of history. So horrifying I do not even want to type it out here.
    Still, I do love period pieces.
    In a more happy vein, games. Been ignoring the Last of Us 2 stuff and been playing The Long Dark. Survival game. No zombies. Canadian Wilderness. It’s a slight alternate history combined with a possibly supernatural based Carrington event to knock out electronics. Fun and different.

  • jetty says:

    So what is RDJs stake in this?

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