Sporadic posting this weekend.

It is, as they say, crunch time. I know that fussing over this book like an old mother hen isn’t going to do all that much good; and yet, here we are. At least I got the newsletter for my SCA barony out on time, which was the other major time-sink yesterday and today. I gotta say, though: things have been more stressy than usual for the last few days. Hopefully that’ll resolve itself, and soon.


  • Luke says:

    I blame environmental factors.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Probably. I’m a sentimentalist: it bugs me when innocent people get hurt. …Note that ‘innocent’ isn’t an accurate description of anybody who brings a sledgehammer to a protest, of course.

      • Luke says:

        The first night of it here, there was a group of 40-50 protestors.
        And nearby, there were 4-6 “activists” breaking windows with news crews filming their vandalism.
        If you’re cynical enough, you can guess which group got tear gassed.

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