Watched Age of Ultron with the kids.

I have to admit: I don’t understand the relative lack of love for the Avengers flicks. AGE OF ULTRON wasn’t masterful cinema, by any means; but it was fun! The kids had a good time (they’ve been playing Lego games, so they know who everybody is), although they were a little confused as to where Spider-Man was. …So were we, my children. So were we.

And I gotta say: the way that they put hooks in for later movies was a clever move. Not perfect, but it got the job done – and it was ambitious. Well, do the prep work, reap the reward.

5 thoughts on “Watched Age of Ultron with the kids.”

  1. They’re not supposed to be masterful cinema, they’re supposed to put butts in theater seats, and they excel at that. They’re still enjoyable as hell.

    I fall the same way on Star Wars and Star Trek movies. Yeah, some are better than others, but they’re all Star Wars and Star Trek. I enjoy them all.

    1. I wonder whether people got spoiled by WINTER SOLDIER, which is the one I like best as a movie. Then again, I loved the 1970s paranoid thrillers that it’s a homage to, right down to the sardonic casting choice for the main villain.

  2. Count me as someone who liked it too. James Spader deserves a shout out for his spot-on portrayal as the antagonist.


    I suspect a big part of the dislike for this movie comes from the fact that it shows the Avengers with feet of clay. And it’s not even really the Avengers that ultimately defeats Ultron.

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