GeekTyrant inadvertently disappoints me about MOONFALL.

It’s not exactly GeekTyrant’s fault. They made an announcement about MOONFALL (short version: moon’s orbit starts decaying, but apparently there’s something that a disgraced astronaut can do about it besides having one last really good meal*) – but they used a still from MIDWAY to illustrate the article, so for a moment I thought we were getting some kind of 1950s-style atomic horror piece involving experimental spaceplanes or something. Or maybe alternate raypunk.


Well, hell. I’d watch that. I’d love a big-budget version of that. All switches and gizmos and dials and the really high-tech stuff using “some top-secret stuff the boys in the labs came up with. They call it… the ‘transistor‘.” So I guess I want a Lensman movie. Yes. Give me a Lensman movie. WHERE ARE MY LENSMAN MOVIES, DAMN YOUR EYES…


Moe Lane

*I know, I know! It’s Hollywood. At least they’ve learned people can’t breathe in space, although they’re still a little fuzzy on whether you can hear the big explosions.

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