06/27/2020 Snippet, HOLDOUTS.

Got up this morning and got 1K words done. Actually wrote the ending, so now all I have to do is fill bits in. I was starting to worry…


What’s a ruined city like? Weird question, that; the USA’s been full of ‘em for years. Nothing like Eurasia, sure. You can walk on rubble from Dresden to Moscow, although the Imperials are working on that. But I’ve been in a lot of broken places while on the Bureau’s business.

Rochester wasn’t so bad, although I was pretty sure we were being watched by something. Feral vampires, maybe feral humans, or even just raccoons. The place didn’t feel empty, the way it’s supposed to. “This area gets swept, right?” I asked Greta.

“Yes, Special Agent,” she said. “Once every two weeks.” Like me, she was being quiet but not whispering. We weren’t sneaking around, over Pam’s wordless objections. I mean, she saw the logic and everything; if there was anybody in here, they were clearly better at stealth than we were. We weren’t going to out-sneak them, so why bother skulking around in the dark and maybe get a broken ankle for our troubles? But Pam’s good at not being seen.

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