I was going to put up a trailer…

…but then I made the mistake of watching it. I do not understand why they make bad sequels to bad movies and then send those sequels directly to digital/DVD. I can understand making a bad sequel that you know will make lots of money. They gotta feed their families, you know? But if it’s crap that’s not even going to sell, why not make a sequel to ARRIVAL, instead? Or at least keep the damn team together.

No, I’m never going to stop being cranky over this. It’s the good movies that piss me off about Hollywood, not the bad ones. The good movies show that they have no excuse for their behavior.

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  • Luke says:

    Three words: tax write off.
    Hollywood accounting is not acceptable to Uncle Sam.
    But outright losses can be written off.
    Then, there’s the cartel aspect. They get to keep production people busy and under contract, on bullpucky that will not compete with their product. (And if they happen to cycle through three sound engineers during production as they shift to better projects, who cares?)

  • Finrod says:

    Sometimes movie studios will lose the rights to something unless they do something with it, which is how we got the Spider-Man movies after Raimi and before the MCU, and that terrible Fantastic Four movie.

  • Mad Italian says:

    Man, now I gotta know. Any hints??

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