The “Isn’t Danny Trejo… never mind” PREY trailer.

I’m not gonna be mean, here. The man needs to eat, and this isn’t the best time for movies. I shouldn’t try to mess up Danny Trejo’s paying gig; we creatives are all hustling right now. Besides, THE PREY: Legend of Karnoctus is calling itself an 1980s-style movie, which is probably making a virtue out of necessity.

But, again: whaddya going to do? These days, they’re making movies using whatever people brought in with them when they entered quarantine. Heck, the #1 movie in America one week was made by two guys using Zoom sessions. At least this one has CGI.

2 thoughts on “The “Isn’t Danny Trejo… never mind” PREY trailer.”

  1. Just FYI, when I loaded the page, it logged me on as a different user I don’t think I’ve ever heard of. Resolving the issue took manually logging off, leaving the site (just reloading didn’t work), coming back, and logging in.
    So be advised that WordPress is likely to do something stupid soon.
    On topic: the tech we have readily available for capturing video nowadays is just amazing. (Seriously. My cell phone blows away the A/V stuff I had access to for semi-pro production back in the day.) Stories are everywhere. Finding someone who can act is almost as easy as asking your child if they raided the freezer and ate all the ice cream. There’s great audio and video editing freeware.
    Distribution and market penetration are the main bottlenecks remaining.
    (I was actually involved in an amateur movie thing a few years back. I was only location scout and practical effects, though. (Gimbals now being cheap and easily available make most of my contributions irrelevant, I’m afraid.) It broke off as life forced people to move, but the guy spearheading the effort did wind up winning an award for shorts a couple of years later.)

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