Welp, half the year gone. How is everybody?

I’m actually doing all right, myself. Everybody’s healthy here, kids got through school, I’ve got a book out — things could be a lot worse. But there’s a lot of twitchy people out there, and some of ’em might be readers of mine. So: how’s everybody doing? Remember, I’m specifically asking, so it’s all right to say.

12 thoughts on “Welp, half the year gone. How is everybody?”

  1. Well .. since you asked …
    We are good. COVID pushed two big changes forward by a couple years.. moving out of the house that’s bigger’n we’ve needed for several years, and finding a new gig.
    Dust is nowhere near settled, but both changes were needed.
    Unemployment in time of plague is a bit terrifying, but we can live pretty small, and something will turn up.
    Thank you for asking, and for a good read while I try and figure this out.
    A. Cat

  2. Working from home again. It’s not so bad as I already have plenty of WFH experience from a 5 year contracting gig. Full employee now though, so I don’t have to worry about where the next job is coming from. The wife and I are blessed (so far) in that neither of us lost any paying work through this.

    1. I’ve been keeping busy on the weekends by working on the backyard. Ripped out 4 rogue bushes, tons of weed ferns, and in the middle of cutting trenches for plastic edging to keep the grass from invading the planters. Hard to do in the heat, but we’ve got nothing but time these days.

  3. Nerves are kinda frayed. Just decided to change jobs because Universities in general have lost their minds. Hasn’t been awful due to lockdown, but as campus re-opens I don’t expect any improvement.
    Perhaps you were the smart one to fall back to the West.

  4. Well, antifa/Black Liberation Movement has scheduled a Storm the Suburbs “rally” five blocks from my house on Independence Day.
    So there’s that.
    Social isolation has not been good for my youngest’s mental health issues.
    My wife’s chronic illness continues, and she’s extroverted enough that social distancing was pretty rough on her.
    My oldest is looking at another heart surgery in the nebulous “soon”. We should, supposedly, hear something this week.
    All in all, it could be worse.
    Worse things happen at sea, you know!
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle,
    Don’t worry, give a whistle!
    And this’ll help things turn out for the beeeeeest…

    1. When life is jolly rotten,
      There’s something you’ve forgotten,
      and that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing
      When you’re feeling in the dumps,
      Don’t be silly chumps
      Just purse your lips and whistle that’s the thing!

      In my opinion, Eric Idle is a genius and The Life of Brian is the funniest movie ever made, bar none.

  5. Working from home. Getting a bit stir crazy. Have had worse. Have had better. Can’t really complain, all things considered.

  6. The Virus has given me an extended vacation from the rest of humanity. I have only left the house three times since late February. I’m nearly finished with the 5th draft of my book, and when I am done I’m going to send it off to Stormbird Press, who have agreed to publish it. I didn’t think it was going to happen, since it burned down in the Australian bushfires, but they’re rising from the ashes. Right now they’re operating without electricity from a tin shed, but hopefully things will improve for them. Aside from that, I continue to bask in the solitude, dreading the start of another school year, where I will one again be grist for the Public School mill.

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