07/01/2020 Report, FROZEN DREAMS Kickstarter.

Today was not one of the glamorous days for FROZEN DREAMS, per se.

  • The most important thing was that I got the short story sampler out to Kickstarter backers. Six stories, one of them previously unpublished on Patreon or anywhere else; they’ll be in the full compilation, too. These have been edited, but not professionally, and the sampler will not be commercially available. You can still get it via the pre-order store, but the store will probably be closing after the audiobook becomes available.
  • The paperback books are on their way! They should get here tomorrow, and I’ve straightened out my problems with Backerkit Postage, so I should be able to process them… starting next week. I’ve ordered shipping supplies, and the postage itself can wait until I’ve gotten a good weight for the packages.
  • Finally, I sat down and assigned tentative page numbers for the various sections of the worldbook. I’m tentatively thinking 48 pages for it; I go round and round whether that should be 48 total, or 48 besides the rules. If the latter, then the book goes up to 64 pages, and I have to write considerably more. I may have to tap some old RPG support networks for this one.

A productive day, in other words, but not exactly exciting. Well, they can’t all be a thrill ride, right?


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