Yes, yes, I was being unfair about (the exceptionally patriotic) musical HAMILTON.

I blame my proletarian impulses, as that much money for a theater ticket was absurd. And yet: having watched HAMILTON, I am nigh-forced to concede that it is a lavish, exuberant paean to the Founding Fathers and American exceptionalism, without being either puerile or sentimental in its patriotism. They portrayed the struggles of the American Revolution and the early days of the Republic in a quite entertaining and appreciative fashion, and it will be well worth your while to watch the performance on Disney+. They even managed to give Aaron Burr more than two dimensions! Quite impressive.

All in all, an excellent diversion for the night before Independence Day.

And as for the theater tickets… well. I suppose that I should simply chalk that up to the free market. High demand, low supply. It’s not HAMILTON’s fault that it was something people wanted to spend money to see.

Moe Lane

PS: I understand that, at one point, the actors behaved extremely badly in public. They should not have done that.

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  • nicklevi86 says:

    I Find it remarkable that the show is still going, given the leanings of most of the Broadway set. Glad you managed an appearance.

  • Finrod says:

    And now it is time for you to hear the Hamilton Polka, by Weird Al of course.

  • bensdad00 says:

    King George and Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson. Stole the show in the touring version I saw.

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