Title of the Day, Words Fail Me On How Disappointed I Am Right Now edition.

I’m actually mad at Newsweek. How dare they raise my hopes, then crush them like that.

I’m sorry, but Jim Carrey writing his first novel where he pretends to be Charlie Kaufman writing his first novel about a movie that doesn’t even exist sounds like it’d would be much more interesting than either one of the no doubt respectable tomes that either author would come up with on their own. Particularly if Carrey used that shot from the movie for his author photo.

Ach, well.

Moe Lane

PS: Blame @SonnyBunch for this one.

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  • Canthros says:

    I was disappointed to realize it wasn’t a book about ants. The blurbs comparing it to Gravity’s Rainbow (and Pynchon’s work to Dr. Seuss!) seems like a further strong argument that this book is Not For Me.

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