From the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG worldbook: Geography.

These are supposed to be snapshots, not full geographical writeups. I’m putting them in for flavor, you see. And to make obscure jokes, of course.

Dupont Elfdan. There is a small circular patch of woodlands inside the city of Georgetown. It is cultivated land, in a sense; someone or something has been shaping the Dupont Elfdan since the formation of the Kingdom of Virginia. By now it feels deeper than it has any right to be. It can be crossed in five minutes by a determined walker, but someone who chooses to ramble through the Elfdan can walk its paths for an afternoon and never see an exit until she is ready for it. Some people go in, and never come out. Sometimes other people see those ‘lost’ travelers, still walking the Elfdan; they invariably chuckle and say not to worry about it.

The Ghost-Road. The Old American Ohioan road from Portsmouth to Chillicothe called the Ghost Road (or the Haunted Twenty-Three) was once shunned; now it is merely ignored. Sorcerously preserved by an ancient curse, it once claimed unwary travelers and reanimated their broken bodies and horrific revenants. These days, patrols from Greater Hershey keep the zombie-towns on the Ghost-Road empty of the Undead; they could do more, but there’s no particular need to.

Lair Liberty. The Old American ruins of Philadelphia are now the exclusive domain of the Wyrm of Philadelphia, and all of its riches (including the historical ones) are now hers alone to enjoy! Well, except for her servants. And their support staff. And the researchers. And their university. And its support staff. Then there’s all the infrastructure implied by the above, and the museums where everything is now displayed, and at this point there simply have to be hotels and restaurants and miniature golf courses for the inevitable tourists over the last century who will apparently pay money to just look at the Wyrm’s hoards. And then there’s the gift shops. Oh, my, yes, the gift shops.

…My God, but how the money rolls in!

St. Liza’s Cathedral. It was only to be expected that the Imperium Orci would erect a cathedral to the first orcish saint, particularly since she was also a martyr and Empress. Consecrated in 2903 (construction began when she was merely the Blessed Liza), the dome of her Cathedral dominates the Saint Anthony skyline. St. Liza’s appears uniquely warded against evil magic; it is said that no malignant spell can be cast on its grounds. Also interestingly; there are numerous icons, statues, and stained glass windows depicting the life and deeds of St. Liza, of course. In every one of them her face eventually takes a slight, but unmistakable, tint of red.


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