TENET on indefinite delay.

Nope, not happy about this at all. Especially since TENET’s rollout promises to be highly weird:

The studio is said to be planning an unconventional theatrical rollout which won’t be a global day-and-date one. According to Deadline, that means, “Essentially, with theaters reopening in China, and Asian markets like South Korea vibrant, and other offshore territories in Europe and Japan coming back on line, there is a good probability that the Christopher Nolan movie will open abroad first. In regards to the U.S. where drive-ins are dominating the business, and just over 1K of the nation’s 5K theaters open, Tenet is poised to open wherever and whenever it can and it’s safe to do so, even if New York City and Los Angeles aren’t back on line.”

I understand that it’s a pandemic, so I’m not blaming anybody involved*. Nor am I going to insist that they show the movie anyway. But I can and will be unhappy about this. I think that’s allowed.

Moe Lane

*Except, of course, for the PRC. Also: Free Hong Kong! Just to make it clear which side I’m on.

2 thoughts on “TENET on indefinite delay.”

  1. That’s not so much picking a side, so much as simply having a functioning moral compass.
    It’s kind of like stating “Jewish lives matter”.
    Yes, there are those who will object. They can get intimate with a cactus.

  2. Heaven forbid the release it to streaming.

    Also, when logging in just now the captcha asked me “what do you get if you multiply six by nine” and *very* disappointingly wouldn’t take “42” as an answer.

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