FROZEN DREAMS audiobook away! …to backers, at least.

If you backed FROZEN DREAMS at the ADVENTURER level or above, you should be getting your email link to the Dropbox link to the audiobook files right about now. It’s a big one — which was a shock to me, and it shouldn’t have been. I mean, it’s a collection of hours’ worth of audio files. Those are going to be big, period.

Next up: sonnets and adventure for the game. And all other the stuff I gotta do. One project is to get the new manuscript ready for alpha reader by September 1st.


  • mgarbowski says:

    I imported the folder with the chapter files into the Mac OS Books app, and it seems to have treated every chapter as a separate book, titled “FD ch1” and so on. If anyone knows of a way to remedy that I’d be obliged. OTOH, I never use the Books app and listen to audiobooks even less often, so it’s not a big deal. At least I know where to find them.

    I did checkle to note that the download folder is titled “Frozen Dreams mp3s zip.zip” I always appreciate a double zip file.

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