Sneaking around!


Moving through the campus wasn’t all that hard, honestly. The roads were falling apart, sure, and so were the cheap dormitories that Morgan and Ben were skirting. But from what Morgan remembered, they were kind of like that before the Discovery, too. This campus had gotten a hasty expansion during the education bubble in the 2080s; and boy, did it show now.

Ben was looking over the residence halls with the same sort of casual mercenary assessment as Morgan. “You figure there’s any good loot in there?” he said, although the obvious doubt in his voice suggested he already knew the answer.

“Sure, Ben,” said Morgan. “Remember how much good stuff you had at eighteen? Now imagine a stash like that, only times a couple hundred.”

“Damn you, but I had a curated collection of bottle caps. Some of ‘em were rare.” Ben looked over. “What does your map say?”

Morgan looked down at the paper again. It was a tracing of a much older map, but better than nothing. “Well, we’re here at Brett Road. We can either go to the left, and take a right at Bartholomew, or we can go to the right, and take a left at Bevier. Or we can cut through. Once we’re past the Buell dorm we keep going north and it’s just past the BEST center.”

“Gee. You sure you got all the Bs?”

“Nah,” said Morgan. “There’s a Barr dorm I figured we can skip. Unless you wanted to hit it on the way back.”