08/08/2020 Snippet, VERDICT OF HISTORY.



Orcish legion officers were also rather good at getting tables. It was interesting to watch; Tribune Luis Tornclaw Austinex didn’t raise his voice, scowl, or even exude any sort of menace. But a couple of people smilingly gave up their seats for him and Jackie anyway.

“It’s probably the uniform,” he said when Jackie commented on their good luck. “Or maybe they were looking for the jakes.”

“I think you’re wrong. After all, this is the renowned Franklin theater, pride of an ancient city which was powerful and famous even before the Discovery,” Jackie said. “Surely they’ve managed to install toilets by now.”

Jackie decided she liked orcish laughter — there’s just so much chest for it to to echo through, for one thing — but Luis shook his head afterward. “I’m not one to talk! My grandmother couldn’t read, and the only words my father could write were all dirty.”

“And yet here you are now, attending the opera and everything. Enjoying it?”

“Yes; and yes, now.”

“Good answer, Tribune Luis.” Jackie wrinkled her brow, momentarily distracted back to her official reason to be here. Journalism first. Dinner and drinks afterward.