CD PROJEKT RED puts up some CYBERPUNK 2077 videos.

This one is about the actual band (Refused) that they’re using to be the band (Samurai) for the game. It’s very interesting! CD Projekt Red is going for a specific sound, which I guess is something that you can do when you’re writing a AAA game whose budget might break nine figures*. I also suspect that the non-gamer lead vocalist that they interviewed may not be entirely sure just how monstrously big CYBERPUNK 2077 might get.

More videos at the link above, including a look at lifepaths. I suspect that I will be going corporate for my first run. I’m wondering whether I’ll want to run the other two, afterward.

*It’ll make that back, though. Shoot, I can’t be the only person who pre-ordered.

One thought on “CD PROJEKT RED puts up some CYBERPUNK 2077 videos.”

  1. Nomad most likely. I still need to preorder this.
    Philosophical question: Is being interested in buying the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy a betrayal of the principle that we should not reward Bioware for the path they have taken? (re: Andromeda.)
    On the one hand, Andromeda is one of the few game concepts that gets better the more I think about it. The implementation one can even go so far as to call poor, but that concept is amazing. Their handling of the whole deal was disgraceful.
    On the other, Mass Effect. 99% exactly what I wanted. Buy it to encourage them to get back to what was truly a great ethos. Hmmm. Plus, I need a version not tied to Xbox 360.

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